1. How is the Elementary classroom and lessons set up?
    • Montessori ONE Academy classrooms are all child-centered and allow every student the independence to choose work that is both at their level of development and challenge. Teachers circulate about the room and give appropriate lessons both individually or in small groups. Classrooms are large with sufficient space for grander and comprehensive projects to facilitate the often-collaborative nature of Elementary level work. In addition, we have a classroom dedicated for science exploration and media/technology resources.

  2. How do you track student progress?
    • Observations by Teachers and Assistants are the primary way in which student’s progress is tracked. Teachers also have individualized daily and weekly lesson plans for each student and extensively track the progress on those lessons. We are also in process of setting up a progress tracking software, called Montessori Records Xpress (MRX), which is specifically designed for the Montessori curriculum.

      In addition, we have bi-annual parent observations and teacher-parent conferences. Consistent and on-going communication is a normal practice between teachers and parents regarding their child’s classroom work and behavior at Montessori ONE Academy.

  3. How are students moving from grade to grade in a mixed age group?
    • Montessori ONE Academy's elementary has two classrooms. One a Lower Elementary consisting of student ages 6 through 9 and the second an Upper Elementary consisting of student ages 9 through 12.

      The Montessori method is taught in a holistic approach. While individual lessons are given for specific concepts, work at the Elementary level brings in math, science, language, geography, nature, technology, social skills and much more. Therefore, students progress at their own pace and comprehension levels. We transition a student from Lower Elementary to Upper Elementary based on both their academic understanding as well as their social and emotional level of maturity.

  4. How do you balance structure and freedom? How do you ensure that the student is getting a full rounded education?
    • Montessori students are free to choose their own work within limits. They have as much freedom as they can handle with appropriate responsibility. At the Elementary age level, students are given greater freedom in accordance with their level of development and understanding. The teacher guides each student, encouraging and inspiring work that will challenge them in all subject to ensure a well-rounded education.

  5. How are the children that come out of Montessori ONE Academy's elementary prepared to enter a mainstream classroom?
    • Starting at the fifth grade level, teachers prepare the students for their next level of education. They are taught the skills of traditional test taking and note taking, organization and execution of multiple assignments and interviews for college preparatory schools. Many preparatory schools in Albuquerque also subscribe to the more “non-traditional” classroom set up, avoiding linear desk arrangements and traditional homework worksheet assignments. Instead, they encourage more project based, hands-on explorative assignments.

      Research also indicates that Montessori students are well rounded and further prepared on the academic, social and personal levels for higher levels of education.

  6. How does Montessori ONE Academy prepare students for standardized testing?
    • Montessori ONE Academy's elementary teaches students the necessary skills for test taking.

      While we understand the need for the New Mexico standardized tests, we are confident that the Montessori curriculum will cover that which students are required to know on the standardized tests and, in most students’ cases, will prepare them to exceed the skills required on standardized tests.

  7. How are students challenged within the curriculum?
    • The teacher encourages and supports the student’s desire for more challenge and uses the materials and the team at Montessori ONE Academy's elementary to find the appropriate resources for the student.

      Montessori ONE Academy's elementary also has ample resources throughout the building, with the use of technology, explorative learning and field trips.

  8. What are the qualifications of the teachers at Montessori ONE Academy's elementary?
    • All of our Elementary teachers hold an AMI diploma from American Montessori International (AMI) after completing their rigorous training program.

      “AMI training centers in the U.S. require a bachelor’s degree… An AMI primary diploma or an AMI Foundation Course is a prerequisite for training at the elementary level.” – from http://amiusa.org/training-faq/

  9. Are Montessori ONE Academy schools accredited?
    • Montessori ONE Academy's preschool is the only AMI accredited Preschool in Albuquerque and is also a NAEYC accredited school.

      Montessori ONE Academy's elementary is in process of getting an AMI accreditation and will also be the only AMI accredited Elementary school in Albuquerque.

  10. How does Montessori ONE Elementary handle discipline?
    • Maria Montessori’s methods are based on a humanitarian foundation. The Montessori method takes into consideration the whole child and children’s community. Social cohesion, cooperation, mutual respect and understanding are all a part of the Montessori environment. Starting at a young age, students are taught Grace and Courtesy lessons that continue to deepen at upper levels. Students are prepared and guided in conflict resolution and finding solutions that uphold the dignity and character of each individual. Research has also shown that children that come from a Montessori background often have stronger social and collaborative thinking skills.

  11. Does Montessori ONE Academy's elementary provide financial aid?
    • Currently, Montessori ONE Elementary does not provide financial aid. However, we are open and look forward to working with our community to establish a scholarship fund in the future.

  12. Does Montessori ONE Academy's elementary provide before and after care?
    • Yes. Elementary school hours are from 8:00am to 3:00pm. Before care, from 7:00am to 8:00am, and after care, from 3:00pm to 6:00pm, are available.


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