Learning Environment

"What a privilege it is for my twin boys to attend Monstessori ONE.  I'm consistently and deeply impressed with the degree of steadfast, loving, and encouraging guidance my boys receive here.  The classrooms are uncluttered, full of natural light, plants and flowers, and natural wood, and the children move through the space with purpose, focus, and smiles.  The teachers are helpful and kind, and I never feel judged, even when I've forgotten the boys' lunches!  Hey, it happens with twins!" – M. Duval

Learning Environment:

The following excerpts are selected from the online library: Articles About Montessori Education - “Twenty Best Practices of an Authentic Montessori School.”

Child Centered Environment:

The focus of activity in our Montessori setting will be placed on children learning, not on teachers. Students will work individually or in small, self-selected groups.

A Prepared Environment:

The environment will be designed to meet the needs, abilities, interests, and development of children in each class. The environment will adapt to the children, by modifying the physical layout and focus of the class, we will be able to address the changing needs of the children.

New Musical Playground

Where playing is learning...

... and learning is fun!!

Focus on Individual Progress and Development: Within our Montessori environment, children will progress at their own pace, moving to the next step in each area of learning as they are each ready to do so.

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