Learning Activities

Montessori ONE is a fantastic place for children to grow. My wife and I had no idea of the intricacies of the Montessori Method and have been absolutely thrilled by the progress that our children have made under the care of Tina Patel, Director, and her staff. My children have learned everything from life skills, such as cleaning and preparing food to the fundamentals of the sciences and arts. I have recommended this establishment to a number of my friends and colleagues as I am confident that when my children graduate, they will be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

- Anonymous

Learning Activities:

In our Montessori learning environment, children will have direct, personal, hands-on contact with all of the materials or real-life objects that will bring abstract concepts to life and allow the children to learn with much deeper understanding.

In our Montessori learning environment, children will select from their own work and choices presented to them by the educator, but will also continue to work with tasks over weeks and months until finally the work is so easy for them that they can demonstrate it to younger children. This is one of many ways the educator will determine if students have reached mastery level of each skill.

The key concept of Montessori education is that children are driven by their desire to become independent and competent beings in the world, to learn new things and master new skills. In the process of making independent choices and exploring concepts on their own, Montessori children will learn to create their own sense of individual identity and personal judgment of right and wrong.

All children love to talk, move, touch, and explore the world around them. Our Montessori environment will encourage children to move about freely, but within reasonable limits of acceptable behavior. Children will select work that has been presented to them individually and which captures their interest and attention. The educators will also strive to capture their interest to new challenges and areas of interests.

Children will enjoy freedom of movement and choice; however, their freedom will always exist within carefully defined limits on the range of their behavior. They will be free to do anything appropriate to the ground rules of the community, but will be redirected promptly and firmly if they cross over the line.

Children will not work for grades or external rewards. They will learn because they are interested in the materials presented to them, and because all children share a desire to become competent and independent human beings.

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