Learning Communities

Our daughter's time in Mrs. Jodi's classroom instilled a love of learning in her which she carries with her to this day. The lasting, profound effect of her days at Montessori ONE Academy's preschool made Montessori ONE Academy's preschool the best choice for our toddler-age son whom we recently enrolled. Of course, it is no surprise that he cannot wait to go to school each day!

- Dr. and K. Myers


Mixed Age Groups: 

We will group together children of multi-age levels into a family group. Children will remain together for several years, with fully developed students moving on to the next age grouping when they demonstrate readiness to do so.

Cooperation and Collaboration: 

Children will be encouraged to treat one another with kindness and respect. Insults and aggressive behaviors tend to be rare and will not be accepted. Because children learn at their own pace, our educators will not compare students against one another.

A Community: 

As children grow older and more capable, they will help to care for the environment and the younger children in the class. The focus will not be on the educator, but more on the entire community of children and adults - as a real family.

Universal Values: 

We will focus on development of children, not only with appropriate patterns of polite behavior, but also by instilling basic universal values within the core of the child’s personality. These values will include self-respect, acceptance of the uniqueness of different people, kindness, compassion, peacefulness, honor, and individual responsibility.

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