Preschool Academy Process

  1. Call to set up a tour
  2. Complete the forms on this page

Elementary Academy Process

Here is a checklist of the steps for applying to Montessori ONE Elementary Academy. A downloadable .pdf version may also be printed off here.


Applicants for all grades must submit the following items to Montessori ONE Elementary Academy

  • ❏ Application for Admission
  • ❏ Tuition Form
  • ❏ Non-Refundable Application Fee of $100.00
  • ❏ Student Photo


Once application is received, the following forms will be mailed

  • ❏ Release of Student Records (will be sent directly to child’s current school)
  • ❏ Teacher Evaluation Form (will be sent directly to child’s current school)


After all the above documents are reviewed, we will schedule the following with Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

  • ❏ Student Meeting
  • ❏ Student Classroom Visit Session


  • ❏ Admission Evaluation (by school admission committee).

    All the following items must be received by Montessori ONE Elementary Academy for admission evaluation
    • ❏ Application for Admission
    • ❏ Tuition Form
    • ❏ Non Refundable Application Fee of $100.00
    • ❏ Student Photo
    • ❏ Student Records from previous school
    • ❏ Teacher Evaluation Form


The following will be sent to Parent(s)/Guardian(s) upon acceptance of admission

  • ❏ Acceptance Letter
  • ❏ Enrollment Contract (to be signed and sent back to Montessori ONE Elementary Academy)

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must also submit the items below once the student has been accepted for admission

  • ❏ Deposit Fee of $500.00

Contact our Admissions Office at (505) 822-5150 or Email us at


Montessori ONE Elementary Academy admits students without regard to religion, race, age, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, gender, disability, sexual orientation or gender identification.


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