Montessori ONE provided a creative, safe learning environment for our daughter in preschool and in Kindergarten. Her teachers were caring and thoughtful, and the founder/director firmly steered the school with room for flexibility. We look forward to our son starting preschool at Montessori ONE this fall, and after a year’s hiatus in public school our daughter will return to Montessori ONE for elementary. We can’t wait for our homecoming to this well-rounded, teach-to-the-child, educational environment.

- N. Bauman


Montessori ONE Academy is the only Association Montessori International/USA (AMI/USA) recognized school in Albuquerque offering Preschool through Elementary education.  As one of the top private schools in Albuquerque, Montessori ONE challenges children using the Montessori Method. When compared to the national core standards and benchmarks, Montessori ONE children progress through and consistently exceed those benchmarks.

The Montessori curriculum promotes a global perspective that is academically rich and challenging. It takes an integrated, thematic approach that ties the separate disciplines together into a coherent, meaningful whole. We call this “Cosmic Education”. Studies of the physical universe, the world of nature, and the human experience are explored inter-relationally. In this way, one lesson leads to many others. We call these “The Great Lessons”.  The stories give the child a context for all future learning and a way of seeing the relevance in what they learn. Science and social sciences such as anthropology, biology, astronomy, geology, history and chemistry are integrated with mathematics, language, arts, and music.

Montessori Methodology provides hands-on materials to clearly demonstrate abstract concepts in a concrete manner, so children become confident in their understanding.  By exploring abstract concepts with concrete experiences, students develop a deep understanding of complex concepts. The Montessori curriculum provides a scope and sequence but allows each child to move through that sequence at their own pace.

Fostering independence is an important part of Montessori philosophy. Emphasis is placed on the child’s learning and self-discovery where the teacher “guides” the lesson. Students work individually or in small, self-selected groups. Teachers actively observe and assess the child’s choices; they are ready to step in with new challenges and offer guidance when students are unable to choose for themselves. In this way, Montessori children are put in charge of his/her own learning through their own exploration.

Through the Montessori Method, elementary students learn to trust their own initiative and abilities, take responsibility for their work, and become self-motived, self-confident individuals.

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