Montessori ONE is the only Association Montessori International/USA (AMI/USA) recognized school offering Preschool through Elementary in Albuquerque.

At Montessori ONE, one of the top private schools for preschool and elementary education in Albuquerque, NM, children are able to progress through the national core standards using the Montessori materials that encourage self-discovery and learning. We promote curriculum as a coherent whole rather than in parts.

In Montessori, Elementary students are given an integrated curriculum, known as Cosmic Education. All subjects are introduced in a series of connected stories that spark the child’s curiosity. These stories are called “The Great Lessons” which help the child to classify new information in a coherent way.

The stories give the child a context for all future learning and a way of seeing the relevance in what they learn. Science and social sciences such as anthropology, biology, astronomy, geology, history and chemistry are integrated with mathematics, language, arts, and music.

Montessori materials help the child to see and explore abstract concepts and concrete experiences to develop a deep understanding of complex concepts. The Montessori curriculum provides a scope and sequence, but allows each child to move at their own pace.

Montessori focuses on children’s learning and self-discovery, not on teachers teaching. Fostering independence is an important part of Montessori philosophy. Children work individually or in small, self-selected groups. Teachers actively observe and assess the child’s choices and are ready to step in with new challenges and guide them when they are unable to choose for themselves. The Montessori children are put in charge of his/her own learning through their own exploration.

Elementary students learn to trust their own initiative and abilities, take responsibility for their work, and become self-­ÔÇÉmotivated learners. By gaining respect for themselves, others, and the environment, children develop the desire and ability to continue learning throughout their lives.

The Areas of Study…

  • Creative and interpretive writing
  • Interpretive reading of literature and poetry
  • Grammar, spelling, word study, punctuation, penmanship and capitalization
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Research skills
  • Individual and group projects
  • Critical thinking
  • Use of concrete materials to understand and reveal arithmetic, geometric, and algebraic connections.
  • Montessori materials ensure that mathematics concepts are understood and not simply memorized.
  • Decimal system – extend knowledge of quantities and qualities
  • Operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Number hierarchy, fractions, decimals, negative numbers, squaring & cubing.
  • Application of math concepts to real world and daily situations.
  • Fundamental geometric concepts
  • Study of congruency, similarity & equivalence, preparing them for later area and theorem work.
  • Study of lines, measurement of angles and the construction of geometric figures
  • Study of each child’s personal timeline,
  • History of the earth
  • Development of the solar system
  • Early life on earth.
  • Early civilizations, the development of humankind, and recorded history.
  • Continents and countries
  • Research about the people, language and culture of different lands
  • Study of geographical features and landforms.
  • Discovery projects and experiments from which they draw their own conclusions
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Physiology
  • Physical sciences
  • Music
  • Art
  • Singing
  • Drama
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Community service
  • Exploratory trips planned and executed by children

Specialists in Spanish and physical education also instruct all elementary students on a weekly basis.

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