The Environment

My wife and I searched around the city for a school for my daughter, when my son was born. At that time she was 27 months old. She is now set to graduate Kindergarten from Montessori 1 and we could not be happier. Montessori education is based on a child's drive to learn, and I feel that this school completely fosters that belief and aids the children on this quest. We were so pleased with this school that we also enrolled our son. We feel that this is the best Montessori school in the city, and feel that the cost incurred is well worth it. We feel that the teachers are so very caring, and completely aid in the learning of the children and fostering a great since of independence. Some have said that they push the children to hard, on the contrary, the children learn at a rate and level that they can accomplish. The teachers to push sometimes to learn something new, but a new lesson is not introduced until the skill is mastered by the child. I would Highly recommend this school.

- M. Klein

Montessori ONE Elementary Academy ABQ NM - Exterior
Upstairs Elementary Classroom
Downstairs classroom
Multi-purpose space downstairs adjacent to reception
Multi-purpose space downstairs
Science lab
Multi-purpose space upstairs
Upstairs multi-purpose space
Climbing wall
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