In the first days of life, it is clear that something of the utmost importance is taking place….he has ‘potentialities’ able to bring about his development, and these do so by making use of the outer world.

- Dr. Maria Montessori

Now Open

Introducing Montessori ONE Academy’s authentic Montessori infant learning environment. Italian for “nesting”, the Nido will be New Mexico’s first and one of only 16 in the United States. So much more than a traditional day care, Montessori ONE Academy’s Nido will provide infants with a beautiful, safe, and nurturing atmosphere while sensorial activities engage them in discovery. Parent-child interaction on-site enhances the Nido experience. Begin your child’s lifelong journey of learning with Montessori ONE Academy. (Click here for a video of the August 2018 Groundbreaking Ceremony).


The Nido program serves infants ranging in age from six weeks through 14 months, at which point they will move through to the Toddler program. Originally designed for working parents, the Nido carefully replicates a loving, nurturing and supportive home environment. The Nido features two classrooms with an adjoining door, lots of natural light, infant-sized furniture and easy access to a specially designed outdoor play area. There is also a private room for nursing/expressing. With a low child to adult ratio, the Nido will have three assistants in each classroom and a trained Montessori guide overseeing and directing both environments.

As with all Montessori, independence and freedom to explore within age-appropriate limits is important. The Nido program begins the foundation for this by fostering freedom of movement, fine motor development, early socialization, and language development. By providing an open classroom, infants are provided opportunities for movement and safe exploration while spoken language skills unfold naturally in the social, nurturing environment. Sign language is taught to infants to aid in their self-expression. Spanish is also introduced as groundwork for second language acquisition. To provide consistent structure and reinforce emotional stability, infants follow a feeding, changing, and nap schedule based upon the infant’s needs and the pre-established home routine.

Developmental Components
Language Development
Social Development
Fine Motor Development
Gross Motor Development

For more information on the Nido or to schedule a visit, please contact us.

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